Do not be teased by advertised extra-low LASIK prices. Do not go for the unrealistic prices of $299.00, $199.00 or even $99.00 for LASIK. The discounted prices are essentially non-existent. These prices are unrealistic and they are just bait. Eventually you will end up paying more than average price for the surgery. When you call the discounter's office you will learn that they do not quote of the real price. When you enter their facility you will be told that the cost of the surgery depends on many factors. Some of them are:

Patient Prescription: The stronger the patient's prescription the more money he/she will pay. Astigmatism that - with modern techniques - can be detected almost in everyone costs extra, which negates any "discount".

Technology: The low price is quoted for the old technology, not for the state-of-the-art technology that you want.

Postoperative Care: Many doctors charge extra for extended postoperative care.

Re-treatment Fee: Some patients require a second procedure within weeks from the first one in order to see more clearly. The second procedure fee might be as expensive as the first one.

Discount centers itemize the preoperative examination, medications and postoperative care separately. As a result, even though you may receive the advertised price for the LASIK procedure, the total bill ends up much higher. Oftentimes you might not even be seen by the practice leading doctor. There is one doctor in New York metropolitan area that charges one low fee for the whole process. The fee includes free initial consultation, the LASIK surgery and ninety (90) days of postoperative office visits. The fee is only $1000. per eye, no matter your distance prescription. Dr. Perrone has two offices conveniently located in Queens and Brooklyn. If you consider having LASIK surgery, please make an appointment in one of his offices for free initial LASIK surgery consultation. Dr. Perrone will fully examine your eyes and during the forty minutes consultation you can ask him any question you may have. And remember, the $1000 dollar per eye price - everything included - will not change. The fee is not collected until the day of the procedure.

Welcome to the new world of better vision!

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All Lasik surgeries are performed in New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai in Manhattan.